Financial Resilience and Economic Empowerment Training
Financial Resilience and Economic Empowerment (FREE) training addresses generational poverty and health disparities through the positive correlation between an individual's level of financial literacy and health status. The power of FREE classes and training can impact generations!
Training is tailored to fit the needs of each class, participants, location, culturally-specific and cultural considerations, and time allocated to training. C-Suite works to align partners and cross-sector stakeholders to teach a variety of economic and financial skills, which includes loans, mortgages, payments, budgeting, credit scores, credit, insurance, workforce development, and financial literacy. Trainings include professional subject matter experts who make themselves available to the youth beyond the training for personal questions and access to solving concerns such as preventing loss of housing during and/or after the pandemic, helping with resource navigation, answers to questions and needs, and navigating immigration and documentation status in accessing resources and answering questions to needs.
Workforce development is a high priority of the community, region, and state. We develop curricula with training and workforce development skills in mind. Responding to community buy-in and demand, we train participants in self-sufficiency, advocacy, and life skills designed for each generation's specific cultural traits. We continuously consult with participants and community groups for relevancy and quality improvement to ensure training is responding to community and industry need, future planning, and workforce opportunities.
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